Honduras Mission Trip

Last week, I had the great honor of returning to Honduras with an incredible group of individuals to provide medical care. The group consisted of myself, a dentist, a pediatrician, a family medicine physician, a psychiatrist, 2 pharmacists, 2 RN's and 5 helpers (one of which was my 15 year old son!).

Over the week we visited 6 different remote impoverished communities in the Copan region of Honduras. Every morning, the team ventured to a community and set up a make-shift clinic. I had access to an machine that allowed me to determine what glasses prescription each patient needed. Thanks to the generosity of our patients, as well as so many others in the Mt. Pleasant area with their donation of their prescription glasses, readers and sunglasses, I gave out over 250 pairs of glasses, just as many reading glasses and about 200 sunglasses. Jennifer & Topher took on the great task of cleaning, reading and labeling close to 400 pairs of donated eyeglasses. Thanks to your generosity, there are over 500 people in Honduras who now can see to work, who can see their children and grandchildren's faces.

Below are a few pictures from the trip. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind donations.

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